A creative and customizable event space that exceeds New York’s expectations

Modern, elegant and versatile space to host memorable events in Chelsea, New York City.

Elevate your brand in the perfect setting

Located in the heart of Chelsea, White Space Chelsea benefits from its proximity to a vibrant community of creatives, influencers, and industry leaders. Surrounded by renowned galleries, fashion boutiques, and cultural hotspots, our venue offers a prime location to connect with your target audience and gain exposure within the dynamic New York City scene.

Our versatile venue is meticulously designed to provide the ideal setting for marketing and branding events of all scales and ambitions. From product launches and corporate conferences to brand activations and experiential marketing campaigns, our space is adaptable to your vision, allowing you to curate an event that perfectly aligns with your brand identity. Our beautifully and elegantly designed space, paired with cutting-edge sound and video equipment, and a stellar team of planners and installers will help you propel your brand to the next level.

世界上一些最知名的品牌选择了 WSC:

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