Elegant Gallery Space for Your Pop-up Art Exhibitions

Versatile gallery space to host memorable pop-up exhibitions in Chelsea, New York City.

An Elegant Touch for Your Art Exhibition

Hosting a contemporary art gallery year-round, White Space Chelsea is the ideal location for pop-up art exhibitions and art events. Its 4,000 sq foot surface and 13′-16′ high ceilings can accommodate artworks of varying mediums and sizes, in addition to large sculptures and live performances.

The space is divided into a large street-facing area with ample windows, followed by a mezzanine, and a brightly-lit skylight room. This unique layout allows for highly customizable solutions, giving you the opportunity to hold multiple events at the same time, including solo and group exhibitions. Our in-house team of expert art handlers will be at your disposal throughout the event, to ensure that your artwork is handled seamlessly and professionally.

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