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Enny Rodríguez

Event Manager

Is an event planning professional with more than 10 years of experience in event management. Her appreciation and love of art started when she was studying at the School of Visual Arts and Design of Puerto Rico. Enny loves building relationships with people and creating unforgettable experiences.

“Planning events is my passion. Seeing my client happy at the end of an event is my reward. Let’s start planning together today”


Joseph Leo

Logistics Manager

Has 15 years of hands-on experience in and around art and design. As an artist, curator and gallerist, he has organized and produced dozens of exhibitions, and he enjoys utilizing his various skillsets and attention to detail to ensure that each event is a successful and enjoyable experience for client and attendee alike.


Annabel Nielsen

Marketing Assistant

Has a variety of professional experience in direct and online marketing, Public Relations, and content creation/strategy. Annabel’s passion is communications, with a specific interest in the way creative language can connect individuals from all different spheres. She especially enjoys the satisfaction of decoding intricate verbal concepts that develop striking campaigns.


Andra Bilici

Social Media Coordinator

Is a communications consultant with extensive experience in Social media and Corporate Communication. She has studied philology, PR & Communication while pursuing her passion and interest in art. Andra enjoys working on various marketing initiatives, promoting events, and integrating contemporary trends into the fast-paced social media world.

Classic or modern street level spaces in the heart of Chelsea:

555 West 25th Street

555 West 25th Street
3,350 sq. ft. at street level
1,500 sq. ft. at lower level
White Space Chelsea 555 Walk through

555 Walkthrough - 4 min video

530 West 25th Street

530 West 25th Street
4,000 sq. ft. at street level
White Space Chelsea 530 Walk Through

530 Walkthrough - 2 min video

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