How to create a pop-up shop?

Have you been to a pop-up event? Or perhaps planning to start one? Being in the event industry for many years, we have hosted and witnessed several successful pop-up events. These are now a trending concept for many brands, online retailers, and designers to interact with customers and have an immersive product experience.

The idea of pop-up shops continues to expand in popularity, it is a significant way of getting your product or brand in front of your customers before venturing into a long-term permanent store. This allows retailers to connect with customers by utilizing an interesting space that lasts for a day(s) weeks or a month. It is an effective way for product awareness, boost sales, promotions, and gain direct feedback from customers.

Creating a pop-up shop is not always an easy task. There are several things to evaluate and consider. We have gathered some ideas on how to start a pop-up shop and it’s benefits:

Affordability: Pop-ups are usually temporary in nature and are smaller in size. In comparison to a permanent store, the time to launch it is shorter; the products, staff, and equipment used are smaller in size and more affordable.

Less risk:  Pop-ups could last a day,  a month, or six months. You have the flexibility that a long term agreement doesn’t give you.

Brand Awareness: It is a great way to test the demand for your product and test different marketing campaigns to measure the response of the customers in a fast way.

How much does it cost?

Calculating how much it costs to launch a pop-up store will depend on several factors such as location, size, and duration. For as low as $1,000 per day, you can start a pop-up shop in the Lower East Side for example.

When is the best time to open a pop-up store?

Brands that are planning to open pop-up shops must consider the perfect timing for the event. If the timing is wrong, brands will not attract the right audience and will not meet their goals. Peak seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, fashion week, and holidays are brilliant times to open a pop-up.

How to find the perfect location?

One of the benefits of pop-up stores is the flexibility to choose where you would like to open it and introduce your brand to a variety of audiences. The location can be anywhere from galleries, malls, open space, or event venues. It is essential to consider foot traffic, accessibility via public transportation, and what other interesting things around the neighborhood are bringing audiences to it. Also, it is important to make sure the location fits the brand’s image.

Target Audience

Identifying your target audience in advance will help your pop-up be more successful. Do market research and find out where your target audience spends most of their time, that is usually where they will spend money as well.

Design your shop

First impression always counts.  People will first notice the appearance of your shop whether it is stylish, chic, modern, bright, dark, romantic, fun, classy, or loud.  Choose the right furniture and fixtures and be innovative according to your brand. It is important to make sure shoppers are comfortable throughout the pop-up shop. Use colors, music, and mirrors to enhance the shopping experience.

Plan the logistics

The lack of planning all logistics is sometimes caused by delays and mishaps. Contemplate everything you’ll need from beginning to end, contemplate customers’ experience from the moment they enter the “door” to the instance they leave the pop-up store.

Promote your store/product

The most effective way to promote nowadays is through social media. Use these platforms to post an event to maximize the chances of reaching out to your audience and potential customers. Partner with bloggers and influencers to let the public know about your event.

Opening strategy

Hosting an opening party is a brilliant idea. Shoppers will get excited to celebrate and have fun. Offer exclusive sales and giveaways to add more foot traffic and create customer’s excitement. Add an instagramable component to reach more customers instantly via social media.


Are you now ready to start your own pop-up shop? White Space Chelsea is here to make it a total success!