How can I tell a venue is flexible?

When it comes to planning an event whether it is for a product launch, cocktail party, conference or gala, we want to find a venue or space that has everything we need. A flexible venue is one that can maximize an event’s potential and make a lasting impression on your guests.

What is a flexible venue? It is a space that has a dynamic layout that is easy to convert; provides hassle-free logistics; and has a staff that understands the client’s vision and helps achieve it without hesitation. Venue flexibility equals event’s success. 

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How can you tell a venue is really flexible? When you are looking for a venue, pay attention to the space that answers your questions in a timely manner. The first sign of flexibility will show when making an appointment for a site visit, tour or walkthrough. Was the appointment easy to make? Did the venue give you different options? If you couldn’t make it on time, was it fine to reschedule for the same day? If you answer Yes to all of these questions, the venue is already showing signs of flexibility.

Was the venue’s website easy to navigate? Did it provide you with the info you were looking for?
If you find the website to be interactive and clear, that is a sign of flexibility as well.


A flexible event space includes staff who will provide you with solutions, answer your questions with precision and always offer you a smile. Did you feel special when meeting the receptionist, venue manager, or sales person? Was the manager willing to negotiate with you? Were your questions in terms of the event contract fulfilled? All these things are much easier to navigate if the staff is as flexible as the venue.

The venue layout is important, but what is more important is what you can do with it. Is there an easy load in? Can you drill or paint the walls? Can you build product displays inside the space? If all or most of these things are possible, you have found an ideal venue. 


Can you bring your own furniture? Or Can you hire your own catering? A venue that lets you work with your trusted vendors is a venue that recognizes that the sky has no limits. On the other hand it is also great if the venue can provide you with any vendors and services as need be. A venue that can do both is more than ideal.

Last but no least, is the cancellation policy flexible? This will put your mind at ease. That is why, it is important to talk about it since the beginning during your negotiation.

For more tips on how to find a flexible venue email or call (646) 681-2265.