Fashion with a Purpose

Tumbler & Tipsy
IG live with Michael Kuluva

“Too many tumblers of whiskey might make you a little bit tipsy!” from this tagline, a famous fashion brand was born – Tumbler and Tipsy.

Tumbler & Tipsy offers a wide range of locally hand-made clothing that is classy and fashionable for all ages. But it is not just an ordinary fashion brand, it is a definition of a lifestyle. It’s founder Micheal Kuluva has partnered with charities to promote public awareness for persons with disabilities. He wants to bring all dynamics on the show as the brand is all inclusive and transparent. Physically challenged individuals are given the opportunity to be part of his runway. 

This brand embraces equality and versatility with it’s locally sourced materials and self-made fabrics. It is no doubt that Tumbler & Tipsy excels in the pop culture industry.  We have a lot to learn from this brand. 

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