Art Workshops to Add some Color and creativity into online events

As of today, the world is no longer strange to virtual events, virtual projects, or managing a company remotely. Recent research has shown that the event industry has learned a great deal on how to conduct virtual events, and is doing so more and more successfully. But have event planners solved the challenge of keeping people actually engaged and having fun?

An online art workshop that will lead the group into actually creating a work of art together, is an engaging and uplifting activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Discovering the beauty of creating artwork that can be also useful and integrate with the group / team’s work is even more exciting! Now you can spice up the events or team activities you are planning with an exciting art workshop just for them. This is a great bonding experience and they get to keep what they create!

  • Zine creation. Your colleagues or clients will be amazed by the limitless possibilities that there are when creating zines they will be able to use in order to present and promote their products or services.

  • How about the team creating their own short film? As a stop motion video or a short clip? This is fun and entertaining, for someone’s farewell party, for the clients or the rest of the company to get to know them better and many other ideas!

  • Got enough trash or recyclable materials lying around the office? Create fabulous decor by turning trash into treasure. These skills come in handy when as professional teams and companies we become builders.

  • Who doesn’t need to relax? your clients will love a joint break of mindfulness through art with Body Mind Art experience! This experience is for teams and groups that had some stressful times and need to breathe and be calm in a very creative way.

  • Drawing always comes in handy when trying to communicate your vision to a client. This workshop is for teams and groups that can also create their own screensaver, meeting room masterpiece and more.

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